Set in a world loosely based on Renaissance Europe, Alteruropa is the stage for religious and political conflicts that outwardly resemble the ones of our own world, but are the conflicts of elves, dwarves, halflings, lizardfolk, Yuan-Ti, dragons and the Faekin, those who are of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, and battle with the Gods for control of the Flows of Magic.

This Campaign will mostly take part in the Heimmark, a land once ruled over by the Volkisches Confederation, but now a loose, collapsing union of bickering, warring city-states, freeholds, baronies, Principalities, Duchies and a number of other bizarre and exceedingly complex “states”. Small and weak, these states band together for mutual defence, and rely heavily on the services of mercenaries and freemen to protect them and do their bidding. With little infrastructure, state-endorsed banditry is often rife.

Our Party are five disparate individuals who have been kidnapped by one of the Princes of the Heimmark, who has conscripted them to do his bidding, and retrieve the Ark of the Concord from the ruins of Castle Drachenheim, supposedly obtained by servants of the long-thought dead Lich King. It sounds too fantastic to be true, and it probably isn’t. What Game does the Prince play with his Five Puppets?

Altereuropa, Into Drachenheim