Altereuropa, Into Drachenheim

The Adventure Begins



As the Curtain readies to rise on our Drama, Six diverse and hitherto unrelated figures find themselves brought, by chance or by fate, to the Goal of the Prince of Mirenberg, Forced Companions by Circumstance.

But before we see how these reluctant Companions fare, let us take a moment to see how it was that they got there, and who these Six Strangers, Noble, Base and Uncouth, really are…

It is the Year 2500 3E, and it has been roughly 1500 years since the Second Flow of the Third Era- An Event which saw the Emergence of the Concordate and the end of Free Arcane Magic, an Event which saw the Western Lands ravaged and forcibly united into their current configuration. Little is remembered of these events, save by the Dwarves and Elven Bards and Minstrels. The Dwarves keep their own silence on these great events, and the Elves sing Great Sagas and Ballads, full of flower and beauty, but little fact or significance.

The Humans remember these times through the Canticles, recorded Great Deeds of Saints, Heroes and Martyrs. The Gnomes write the Canticles, and rewrite them as and when needed, to keep society’s moral fibre strong.

War- Total War, that is- has not been seen in many decades, with the Last Great Crusade being the 7th Crusade against the East- a Drive made by the Knights Executor from their Headquarters in Pomeranen to destroy the Lich King of Novogorsk once and for all. The Crusade was a success, but Novogorsk remains a den of iniquity, and independent of Western control.

Prince Albrecht von Mirenberg was on that Crusade, and the Events that transpired on it will contribute to our tale…



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